Acher Aviation

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Acher is a specialist aviation company that focuses on the offshore helicopter industry in sub Saharan Africa. Through an unsurpassed dedication to to safety and quality Acher has become an industry leader in the very unique operating environment of offshore helicopter transportation.

Acher is able to establish and manage any offshore aviation requirement and has a sound logistics chain with fixed wing associates able to cope with challenging locations.


Oliver Peacock
T: +27 31 563 2650


Suite 30, West Wing
Virginia Airport
Durban North
Durban, 4051, South Africa

Company Description:

Acher Aviation has been active in the offshore market for 12 years, during which time it has established a reputation for excellence with both clients and staff.

Acher has set itself apart by implementing advanced management structures, international level safety systems, quality assurance programs, and in-house training. A combination of skilled and experienced pilots, an industry leading web based management system, and an improvement driven culture has allowed Acher to reduce operational inefficiencies to levels previously not seen in the offshore market.

In line with Achers policy of providing a world class service it has been accredited and audited by both Shell Aviation London, and Chevron Aviation Houston. Acher Aviation is registered and approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

International certifications and qualifications:

International OGP certification and best practices are available

Export Markets:

South African and Southern African West and East coasts

Client Accreditations:

SACAA, Shell, Chevron
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