SAOGA - Sharing Information on Natural Gas Technologies - 2 September 2021

Dear Members & Industry Stakeholders,


The South African Oil and Gas Alliance (SAOGA), along with Shell and Karpowership SA will host a webinar on Natural Gas Technologies for the SAOGA’s membership and interested parties, on 2 September 2021, 10:00-11:45.  The aim of the webinar will be to share information of natural gas and its potential role as a transition fuel in the South African market. It is anticipated that the gas industry will feature more prominently, as the Government aims to diversify the country’s energy mix, currently dominated by coal, to improve security of energy supply, promote economic development and reduce SA’s overall carbon footprint. Natural gas is a significant new energy source for SA, which can complement the growing renewable energy sector.


The webinar will provide participants with material, packaged to deliver short information rich presentations, on natural gas technologies that could directly benefit South Africa’s electricity, industrial, commercial sectors and domestic households. Technologies and innovation in the gas sector have a transformative potential impact on the global energy systems. In fact, there is a vast array of gas technologies, ranging from highly mature to nascent, and their deployment has the potential to economically reduce up to one third of global emissions from the energy sector by 2040, according to an article published by the International Gas Union, “Unlocking Gas Cleantech’s Economic and Environmental Potential”, 11 August 2020. Technological developments and innovation in natural gas are of great importance. The focus on the development of technologies can help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, through near term action on climate change and promoting sustainable cities and communities, via fuel switching, industrial efficiency, enabling renewables integration, the use of natural gas in transport, and LNG for bunkering. It can also contribute to climate change action through the deployment of low-carbon gas technologies including renewable gas, hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage.


Kindly find attached the proposed programme for the Natural Gas Technologies Webinar. The platform will enable shared dialogue and understanding of the key challenges and opportunities the development of these technologies face, and for industry specialists to provide an overview of their respective topics.  This will by no means be an in-depth detailed discussion on natural gas technologies, but it will provide participants with insights of current cleaner natural gas technologies that could benefit South Africa in the medium term, while clean technologies are being developed.


The discussion will not cover the recent RMIPPPP or the impending 3000MW LNG IPP procurement; the focus is simply to create a learning environment and dialogue that we all can benefit from.


Please ensure you register on time so as not to miss out on this Insightful opportunity.

Topic:              Sharing Information on Natural Gas Technologies

Speakers:       Grace Tan        -    Senior Process Engineer, LNG New Markets, SHELL

                        Jaco Human    -    Executive Officer, Industrial Gas Users Association of South Africa

                        Mehmet Katmer     -    Business Developement Director, Commercial Operations,                                                                                            Karpowership 


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                        10h00 – Session Starts

The first 10 registered SAOGA member companies will be given an opportunity to promote their companies in a 1-minute timeslot.             

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