Sub-Saharan Africa - The next 20 years

Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas - 2000 to 2014

Since 2000, exploration activity has confirmed the regions oil and gas potential, with many countries confirming oil and/or gas reserves.

Sub-Saharan Africa - 2000 to 2014 (Copyright) SAOGA

Sub-Saharan Africa - the next 20 years

Over the next 20 years Sub-Saharan Africa will see significant changes in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas value chain. Included in this section is an examination of current Oil & Gas activity and an assessment of proposed future Oil & Gas activity over the next 20 years.


Sub-Saharan Africa's refineries are old and ageing and Sub-Saharan Africa is under-invested in refining capacity relative to other regions of the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa Refinery Statistics (Copyright) SAOGA

Offshore Oil & Gas Activity

Current offshore activity is heavily focused on West Africa closer to central Africa. In the next few years this is expected to change significantly with increased activity off the coast of East Africa and Southern Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa Offshore Activty 2014 (Copyright) SAOGA


Africa has no significiant domestic infrastructure for oil & gas as it did not have appropriate levels of domestic demand to justify investment in logistics infrastructure to move product in and around Africa. However, this is expected to change as Africa's economies develop following years of economic growth that has led to a middle class population and some affluent urban inhabitants.

Sub-Saharan Africa Pipeplines (Copyright) SAOGA

Sub-Saharan Africa: Current vs Future Oil & Gas Activity

This section contains a graphical depicition of current and future oil & gas activity in Africa based on an assessment of global developments and regional developments in Africa that will affect demand for oil and gas from Sub-Saharan Africa. It must be noted that images represent concentration rather than actual numbers.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Current vs Future Oil & Gas Activity (Copyright) SAOGA

Sub-Saharan Africa: Overlay of current vs Future Oil & Gas Activity (Copyright) SAOGA

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