Drive on left hand side
Freeway speed limit: 120km/hr
Urban speed limit: 60km/hr

Most of the car hire operators
are available at all domestic
and international airports.

Comprehensive rail network
but less effective as public

AIRPORTS: All major centres in South Africa are linked by a network of domestic and international airports.

There are direct international flights into Cape Town from the main international centres including London, Frankfurt, Namibia, Mozambique and Amsterdam. Many more international centres, such as those from the Far East, are linked to Johannesburg by direct flights and there are frequent flights between these two cities on low-cost domestic airlines.

Cape Town International Airport is also connected to many African destinations such Gaborone, Maputo, Windhoek and Luanda.

ROADS AND FREEWAYS: Roads in major centres are all tarred and are kept in good condition. The country is well served with a system of freeways linking the various regions.

South African road users drive on the left hand side of the road. On multi-lane freeways the rule: keep left, pass right applies.

Speed limits are generally:

  • National roads: 120 km/hr
  • Urban roads: 60 km/hr
  • Or otherwise as indicated on the roadside.

Speed control is maintained through a number of fixed roadside cameras, speed over distance systems or ad-hoc speed traps. If pulled over, drivers are required to produce a valid local or international drivers’ licence.

CAR HIRE: Cape Town has a well-developed car-hire industry with a number of multinational firms represented. The main car-hire depots are situated at all domestic airports with ancillary depots in towns.

RAIL: South Africa has inherited a comprehensive freight rail network, but as a means of public transport it is not as well developed as in most developed countries and has become subservient to other means of transport.

The Airport Company of South Africa (ACSA) was formed to own and operate the nine principal South African airports, including the three main international gateways of OR Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka International Airports.

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