Robinson Dock

Latitude 33˚ 54’S, Longitude 18˚ 26’E


Port Manager:
+27 21 449 2612

Harbour Master:
+27 21 449 5762

Port Control:
+27 21 449 2805

Built in 1880, the Robinson Dock is situated in the Victoria & Albert Waterfront precinct in the Albert
Basin. It is very solidly built and faced in dressed stone masonry.

It was originally built with an intermediate position for an intermediate caisson, but the Sill has since
been demolished and the facility is no longer available.

The dock is commonly used for multiple dockings of two or more smaller vessels at the same time.

The cross section of the dock reflects its original design for wooden sailing ships with bar keels and
rounded bilges. The section is trapezoidal in shape with the sides formed by step altars to receive side
shores for the lateral support of vessels.

These shores have, however, been replaced by a system of sliding bilge blocks.