Sturrock Drydock

Latitude 33˚ 54’S, Longitude 18˚ 26’E


Port Manager:
+27 21 449 2612

Harbour Master:
+27 21 449 5762

Port Control:
+27 21 449 2805

Designed for battleships and aircraft carriers, today its aspect ratio of breadth to length can be limiting. The dock does have two alternative positions for an intermediate caisson. Operated this way, it becomes a double dock, each of much smaller capacity, but with a much wider aspect ratio.

The design of the dock in its cross-section is transitional between the old style trapezoidal shape formed by a series of step altars and the modern style of clean vertical sides. The former was meant for wooden sailing ships with bar keels and round bilges and the use of side shores for lateral support; the latter for flat bottomed ships that take their lateral support from keel blocks under the intercostal girders.

Since the dock was built to military specifications, the design is to exceptional strength with multiple redundancies built in.



  • Ensco DS1 (2012)
  • Seven Polrais (2012)
  • STG Jascon 28 (2012)
  • PGS Ramform Valiant (2012)
  • Triumph Drilling T110 (2014)
  • Stim Star (2014)



The Landing Wall lies at the eastern end of the Duncan Dock at the entrance to the Sturrock Dock. It lies parallel to the Multi-Purpose Quay. Its primary function is to provide a leading jetty to the entrance to the Sturrock dock along its south side. To this end the face of the wall lies flush to the north side of the graving dock.

The south face of the wall must be kept clear during docking and undocking operations. Hence this side can only be used for berthing on a very short term basis. No hot work is permitted on the Landing Wall due to the proximity to the bunkering terminal.