Latitude 33˚ 54’S, Longitude 18˚ 26’E


Port Manager:
+27 21 449 2612

Harbour Master:
+27 21 449 5762

Port Control:
+27 21 449 2805

The Syncrolift is situated in the Victoria & Albert Waterfront Precinct at the far end of the Albert Basin and is used predominantly by the fishing industry. 

This facility conforms to the original Pearlson patents and the classic late 1960’s, early 1970’s Syncrolift design. Nine pairs of synchronous electric motor driven steel wire rope winches along the support jetties raise the platform. The platform consists of main transverse steel beams spanning between pairs of winches and intermediate steel grillages. 

The level deck of the platform lends itself to transfer of vessels off the platform into a repair yard. Inevitably vessels are never docked on the platform itself, always on the transfer bogies. These in turn are fitted with keel blocks and sliding bilge blocks and run on crane-type wheels on rails. The repair yard has a side transfer carriage running on transverse rails at a lower level running at 90° to the axis of the platform and giving access to a series of parallel repair bays.