Coega IDZ

Latitude 33˚ 48’S, Longitude 25˚ 41’E


Telephone: +27 41 403 0400

Physical Address
Coega IDZ Business Centre
Corner Alcyon Road & Zibuko Street
Zone 1
Coega IDZ
Port Elizabeth

Managed by the Coega Development Corporation (CDC), the Coega Industrial Development Zone measures 11,500 ha and is structured into 14 clusters or zones. The IDZ is directly linked to the port of Ngqura and together they act as catalysts for investment and local development.

The Coega IDZ has world-class and purpose-built infrastructure to suit every investor’s needs. It was established on the plug-and-play model to eliminate long construction periods and connectivity challenges. Throughout the IDZ there are purpose built service points to which investors can easily connect, giving tenants prepared land that is linked to roads, electricity, sewerage, water supplies and telecommunications. The CDC aims to offer total solutions for construction, spatial development and SMME development. This approach enables investors to conveniently establish their plants without worrying about major services’ installation.

The Coega IDZ is demarcated into 14 zones and is specifically designed along the cluster model linking related industries and their supply chains in close proximity to one another to maximise efficiency and minimise turnaround times. 

The Coega IDZ, while offering global competitiveness through world-class infrastructure, tax incentives, rebates and a duty-free zone; is purpose-built for manufacturing including beneficiation of export goods, investment and local socio-economic growth, skills development and job creation.

Laydown area

The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is investing R9 million in the establishment of a new laydown area, serving as a temporary storage site for abnormal cargo. The laydown area, located on the boundary between the Port of Ngqura and the IDZ, will stretch across 12 hectares of land in Zone 1.

The laydown area will be developed in two phases to be completed in 2016. Phase one will see the development of a multi-user facility for abnormal and out-of-gauge cargo storage, while phase two will see the area declared a customs controlled area (CCA). Users of the laydown area will be able to benefit from the duty and VAT incentives available within a customs controlled area.

Zone 2 of the Coega IDZ was designated a CCA in May 2014.

Benefits of investing in the Coega IDZ:

Coega Industrial Development Zone’s One Stop Investor Service Centre provides assistance with:

  • Identifying the right location in the Coega Industrial Development Zone for investment in order to optimise logistics and minimise impact on the environment.
  • The environmental impact assessment.
  • Access to more than 100 environmental impact studies that have already been completed.
  • Drawing up a business plan.
  • Obtaining finance.
  • Identifying incentives and assistance in qualifying for them.
  • Fast-tracking applications through the administrative process.
  • Technical support for construction.
  • Recruitment and training of construction teams.
  • Recruitment and training of workers for factory, warehouse or other facilities.
  • Support for the relocation of key personnel, including work permits, finding accommodation and settling in.
  • Shared services such as the information technology infrastructure, cleaning and maintenance (facilities management services).
  • Purpose-built infrastructure to meet your needs.


Coega is focused on the following investment sectors:

  • Automotive 
  • Agro-processing 
  • Chemicals 
  • General Manufacturing 
  • Business Process Outsourcing 
  • Energy 


  • Commercial cluster 
  • Logistics cluster 
  • Automotive cluster 
  • General Industries cluster 
  • Training & Academic cluster 
  • Metallurgical cluster 
  • Ferrous Metals cluster 
  • Chemicals cluster 
  • Port cluster 
  • Materials Handling cluster 
  • Mariculture & Aquaculture cluster 
  • Petrochemical cluster 
  • Advanced Manufacturing clusters (2) 
  • Energy cluster