Saldanha Bay

Latitude 33” 2”S, Longitude 17”5”E

GMT/UTC + 2 hours

TNPA Administrative offices:
08:00-16:00 (Monday to Friday)

TNPA Marine Services:
24-hour service, 7 days a week, except Christmas Day.

24-hours, 7 days a week.
(Note: Closures over public holidays vary per terminal)


Port Manager:
+27 22 703 5472

Harbour Master:
+27 22 703 5481

Port Control:
+27 22 703 5310


Saldanha Bay is one of the largest and deepest natural harbours in southern Africa with dredged depths to 23 m below chart datum. An artificial breakwater improves the conditions within the bay. Future developments will centre around the oil and gas industry and the natural draft make Saldanha Bay ideal for the sector.


WIND: During the winter months, the winds are predominantly north north-east and often with rain. During the summer months, the winds are usually south-east in the mornings, but swinging to south-west in the afternoon.

Saldanha Bay is periodically affected by heavy swells particularly in the winter months. This can sometimes affect ships on the jetty causing them to break lines.

In extreme cases ships may have to be taken off the berth and go to anchor or stand out to sea. Ships should therefore not immobilise without written permission from the Port Captain and sufficient crew must always be kept on board.

TRAVEL: Cape Town International Airport is situated about 140 km from the port and is linked to many international destinations as well as to all domestic airports.

Port Manager: +27 22 703 5472
Harbour Master: +27 22 703 5481
Port Control: +27 22 703 5310