Supplier Development Project 2014/15

Supplier Profiling & Mapping

As part of an initiative to identify activities in the Oil & Gas Value Chain, SAOGA is initiating a pilot project in the Western Cape (later to be rolled out nationally) to map and profile companies active in the upstream and midstream sectors of the value chain. 

SAOGA launched the programme with a workshop on 7 August and has since been actively gathering information for the project on our online database. We had participation of international upstream companies who support the initiative. We are aiming to finalize capturing the companies operating in the Oil & Gas Sector in the Western Cape in November 2014.

Having your company profiled, mapped and benchmarked will serve to increase your company's exposure to potential procurers and will also assist SAOGA to identify growth and development areas for our sector. 

All current and prospective participants in the value chain are invited to attend and complete the online questionnaire. Please bear in mind that only complete profiles will add value to the project. If you encounter any problems with the completion of the questionnaire and require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Belinda Williams in the SAOGA offices 

Proceed to the SAOGA Online Supplier Profiling Questionnaire.