Gas Pipeline and EGI Expansion SEA:

Dear Interested and Affected Party,

The SEA for a Gas Pipeline Network and Electricity Grid Infrastructure (EGI) expansion is well underway. Frequently Asked Questions, SEA Process flow diagrams, typical operational safety aspects for a gas pipeline and a generic background information document on the construction of a gas transmission pipeline can be downloaded from the project website ( A draft pinch point analysis of the proposed corridors was carried out, taking draft environmental sensitivities and engineering constraints into consideration. Refined draft corridors were subsequently identified and can also be downloaded from the project website. Specialist assessments are currently being undertaken to assess environmental sensitivities and risks associated with the potential development of a gas transmission pipeline and the expansion of the EGI within the proposed refined draft corridors. It is anticipated that these assessments will be available for stakeholder review around June/July 2018. Public briefings will also be held and will also serve as an opportunity for stakeholders to provide comment on the assessment chapters, which the project management team will feed back to the specialist authors.

For more information, please consult the project website (where questions can be submitted electronically) or contact Ms Rohaida Abed via email (

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The Gas and EGI expansion SEA Team

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