PASA - Newsletter: Oil & Gas in the News - 1 March 2019

Gas find could save PetroSA
State-owned energy company PetroSAhas offered the use of its infrastructure in MosselBay to Total in the hope that it will get feedstock from the French oil company’s new offshore gas find off the southern coast.

PetroSAis in talks with Eskom to supply...

PetroSAhas been supplying Eskom with diesel since last week from its existing stock. Berthing facilities at the MosselBay Harbour impose constraints on the time it takes to offload products as the facilities only allow the berthing of one vessel at a time.

Everything you need to know about South Africa`s massive gas find

Total has discovered a potential 1 billion barrels of ;wet; gas off the coast of South Africa. The gas could be used as petrol -or perhaps even converted into electricity, according to one expert. The Brulpaddafind should mean more tax revenue and a stronger rand.

Uncertainty for PetroSA, Necsaand Pelchem
The Auditor General (AG) of South Africa has revealed the uncertain future of three state-owned entities namely:

PetroSA, Necsaand Pelchem–as to whether they will continue to operate....

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