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OCTG Oilfield Services (Pty) Ltd.

OCTG presents a fresh perspective to tubular management. Evading the inherent conflict of interest between a single vendor inspecting, dispositioning and qualifying for the repairs. OCTG offers a noble inspection process, we inspect to pass, not to fail. Our inspection process includes making good of minor defects which in normal circumstances lead to rejection and machine recut

Offshore Africa Training Centre

Offshore Africa Training Centre- Training for the offshore oil and gas industry to the OPITO standard.


OMK is the world's leading producer of large diameter pipes

Onpro Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Business solutions company focusing on enhancing business agility of our clients by leveraging very senior subject matter experts in combination with leading edge technology solutions.

OSC Marine Group

OSC Marine Group was established in 1962, formed by entrepreneurs in the Subsea, Marine and Shipping Industry. Reliability, Quality, Safety and Customer Satisfaction are synonymous with OSC Marine and underlines the Group’s activities, resulting in long standing relationships with many global and national clients. As an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45000 and ISO 14000 (DNV) approved company, we continually improve our operational methods in line with the relevant standards and global policies. OSC Marine Group is a contractor member of the International Marine contractors Association (IMCA) and has served as an active Diving Management Team board participant for many years.


OwnerTeamConsultation is a group of experienced consultants specialising in protecting the owner's long-term interest during the development of mega-projects. This is achieved via the experience and expertise of the OTC consultants and our wide network of associates, and through the use of evaluation tools, disciplined processes and best practices.

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