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Valco Group

Corporate Membership

Specialist in supply and maintenance of industrial valves.

Valve & Automation

Total Valve & Control Solutions® Valve & Automation are stockists of Manual, On/Off & Control Valves and Actuators for the Chemical, Oil & Gas, Refining, Pulp & Chemical Cellulose, Mining & Minerals and Power Generation Industries. Supported by the V&A Network throughout Southern Africa.

VegaGo Petroleum

Trading, Shipping and Storage of refined petroleum products Financial Advisory and Capital Raising for infrastructure projects and acquisitions

Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd

Virtual Gas Network Transporting Compressed Natural Gas Virtual Gas Network (VGN) supplies compressed Natural Gas by road. Through this innovative, modular road transport system, Virtual Gas Network can safely and economically transport Natural Gas to refueling stations, gas reticulation network, industry, power generation plants, as well as to customers not on an existing gas pipeline.

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