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Ver-Chem Pty Ltd

Ver-Chem specializing manufacturing, stocking, and distributing Petro-chemical grade Stud bolt assemblies and fasteners. Ver-Chem supplies to industries demanding safety and quality critical products. Stud-bolts, nuts, bolts, cap-screws, and engineers studs are some of the solutions offered by Ver-Chem to the energy industry: from petrochemical to power generation, nuclear-power and energy industries, including the relevant downstream economic activities.

Vulkan Africa (Pty) Ltd

VULKAN Africa offers Mechanical Drive Line solutions for the following sectors: • Stationary Energy Production• Marine • Oil & Gas • Mining • Bulk Material Handling • Iron & Steel • Renewable Energy

Webber Wentzel

Webber Wentzel is a leading South African law firm. We aim to work alongside our clients as a trusted adviser, delivering world-class legal expertise and innovative thinking.

ZAA Engineering Projects & Naval Architects

ZAA Engineering Projects & Naval Architecture (Pty) Ltd is a specialist, port. harbour, coastal, ocean engineering and naval architecture company with a client base extending from South Africa, Africa, and Asia to Europe and North America.

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