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The South African Oil & Gas Alliance as an organization has the basic mandate of promoting the development of a South African-based upstream & midstream supplier base – it is also a member-based organisation where Corporate and Associate Membership is restricted to companies with a South African presence, whereas companies not based in South Africa can join as Affiliate members.

In line with this we have a variety of activities and initiatives to build capacity in and promote South African-based industry supplying into (for the most part) the sub-Saharan upstream market.

In general we would work with foreign companies either to help them establish an operation in South Africa and/or to partner/jv with a South African company. We would not generally provide services to a non-locally based company to sell product into the South African market. The main criterion for working with a company is that there has to be some benefit to the local supplier base (and preferrably a member company in particular) in the activities we undertake.

In general SAOGA does not place paid advertising in any sort of media although this policy may be reviewed in the future. We do however work with media companies that wish to profile or feature SAOGA or the South African upstream supplier sector.

Typically a media company would then approach some of our member companies to sell advertising around such a feature. In such circumstances SAOGA will generally support the media company in its efforts but in line with our obligations to our members we will not release our mailing list or condone negative selling tactics applied to our members.

We believe that industry conferences, briefings and trade exhibitions are a potentially valuable experience for our members and in general we will publicise, promote and occasionally endorse bona fide industry events that we feel are of benefit to our members. To support this mission we provide a free basic listing on our website for events or conferences that we believe may be of interest to our members. For more prominent promotion or endorsement of your event in our member communications or on our website please contact us at info@saoga.org.za

No, it is owned and run by Fair Consultants, a private event and conference organiser. SAOGA has been closely associated with this event since its inception because the conference focuses on issues related to the upstream supply chain in Africa and serves our members in this regard - it is thus closely aligned with our mission.

Although we participate in the organising committee for the event we do not provide or receive any significant funding from the event. We also do not provide the organisers with any more data or access to our member records than we do to other event organisers we work with.

Recruitment Notice

We’re aware that individuals have been posing as SAOGA HR personnel to try to defraud job seekers.

Please note our information will always come from “info@saoga.org.za