2nd Annual Southern Africa Oil and Gas Conference 15 – 16 September 2022 - Presentations

11 October 2022
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Dear SAOGA Members & Industry Stakeholders,

On behalf of the DMRE, PASA and SAOGA we thank you for your continued support for attending our 2nd Annual Southern Africa Oil and Gas Conference & Expo 2022, which was held at the Westin Hotel, Cape Town on 15&16 September 2022 this year.

Please find the download links below to all the presentations that were delivered over the two day conference.

Day 1

1. Maggy Shino - Petroleum Commissioner of Namibian Ministry of Mines & Energy.pdf

2. Bongani Sayidini - Recent Advances RSA Oil & Gas Sector 15Sept2022.pdf

3. Nelisiwe Vundla-Khyzwayo Fundamental Stakeholder Engagement Practice.pdf

4. Prof Raymond Durrheim CoP - Human Capital Capacity Development In-Country Benefits from E&P activities.pdf

5. Hermano Juvane - Absa Mozambique - LNG Project Update.pdf

6. Prof Shingirai Taodzera Presentation - Avoiding the Resource Curse.pdf

7. Yonela Tukwayo - Potential Socio-economic benefits of the industry to the Garden Route upstream Project Case Study of Block 11B/12B.pdf

8. Suven Pecku - Sasol Transition from Grey to Green Hydrogen.pdf

Day 2

1. Southern Africa Oil and Gas Conference_v11 ESKOM CEO.pdf

2. SAOGA Conference South Africa's 3 Superbasins.pdf

3. SAOGA 2022 Presentation Shell Namibia - Dennis Zekveld.pdf

4. SAOGA PASA Conference 15092022 Standard Bank.pdf


6. Legal Business Considerations after Oil Gas Discoveries in Namibia Shakwa Nyambe.pdf

7. Please email for this presentation as I was not able to upload it?

8. Creating enabling environment for Oil & Gas Mlunghisis Tlemo.pdf  

Thanking you all who attended online and in person for your continued support and looking forward to seeing everyone in 2023, the dates are officially set for the 3rd DMRE PASA SAOGA Southern Africa Oil and Gas Conference will be held on Wednesday 13 to Thursday 14 September 2023.


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