SAOGA - Corporate Associate and Affiliate Membership - 2022-23

25 February 2022

New Membership Types

We now have three new types of membership, in addition to the traditional corporate SAOGA membership. The new membership types are:

1. Individual Associate Membership, where individuals can now become SAOGA members at a nominal fee, whether their companies are members or not.  Associate members will enjoy all the benefits of membership, but they will not have voting rights. 

2. A discounted fee of 50% of the SAOGA corporate fee, for a period of one year, where companies joining SAOGA for the first time have more than 50% black ownership.  The companies will enjoy all the benefits of corporate membership.  This is to encourage transformation in the sector and to enhance supplier development. 

3. Non-South African registered companies and individuals are also able to join SAOGA as Networking Affiliates.

Please follow the link (The New SAOGA Corporate Associate and Affiliate Membership 2022-23) for detailed information on the different fee structures.  The above categories will not receive the 15% early bird discount.

Recruitment Notice

We’re aware that individuals have been posing as SAOGA HR personnel to try to defraud job seekers.

Please note our information will always come from “