SAOGA has successfully offered members the opportunity to advertise on our website since January 2015 and will continue the offering.

The SAOGA website currently has an average of 6 000 site visits and 23 000 page views per month. Reach your target market, meet new clients, create brand awareness, create sales and stay in touch with this dynamic industry!

Who can advertise?

The Advertising Space is reserved for SAOGA Member companies whose affiliation to the industry is screened.

How much does it cost?

SAOGA has 2 different banner options on offer:
Homepage banner size: 126px (W) x 324px (H)  - R1200/month* -
Directory banner size: 206px (W) x 324px (H)  - R1000/month* -
* excl VAT

What format does my banner/logo have to be in?

All banners/logos must be in either *.png, *.jpg, or *.gif format.
Animated *.gif Ads must have

  • an animation length of 30 seconds or shorter; 
  • the loop must stop after 30 seconds and
  • the animated *.gif ads must be 5 fps or slower

Do I need to supply a customsized graphic?

Yes, either that or we give you the option to supply your logo and a slogan and we will create the banner for you at R500/ad *.

* excl. VAT

How does it work?

The advertisement can be placed for a period from 1 - 3 months. The ads refresh on every re-load of the respective page.

How do I place an order to advertise?

You are required to complete our "Advertising Order Form" as attached. Please select your preferred options and submit. Completing an order form does not guarantee immediate advertising space. Applications will be dealt with on a first come - first serve basis.

How do I pay and what next?

We currently accept payments via electronic transfer on invoice. After paying please send to us your ad and a landing page on your website.

When you are interested to advertise, please contact Rita Williams at

Recruitment Notice

We’re aware that individuals have been posing as SAOGA HR personnel to try to defraud job seekers.

Please note our information will always come from “