African Maritime Services

BBBEE Level: 4

Manufacturer and supplier of lifting, towing and mooring equipment. The company represents the following internationally recognised manufacturers of wire and fibre ropes and chain and chain accessories:<br />
Bridon International - DYFORM, Diamond Blue, Blue Strand,Endurance DYFORM, DYFORM Bristar, Hydra 7500 DYFORM<br />
ScanRope Marine - Karat Maxi, Tonsberg Mooring Links and Mandal Fairlead Shackles<br />
Crosby Group - Chain & Master Links, made up chain slings etc<br />
Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group - Euroflex, Tipto 8 Mooring ropes, general ropes and twines.<br />
Extensive stocks are carried in our Cape Town and Walvis Bay factories where we also perform splicing, socketing and the overhaul and rebuilding of blocks.<br />
Custom made safety, gangway and cargo nets can be made up to customers requirements.

Contact Details:
Company Rep: Rob Whitehead
Phone: +27 21 510 3532
1 Kempenfelt Road
Cape Town

Key Products/Services:
Steel wire ropes<br />
Splicing and socketing<br />
Load testing<br />
Chain slings<br />
Wire slings<br />
Mooring ropes<br />
Overhaul of blocks

Export Markets:
South Africa<br />
Namibia<br />
Mozambique<br />

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