Afrishore is an international marine logistics agency that specialises in the provision of project related logistics services and offshore supply base facilities as well as vessel and rig owners agency.

We have extensive experience in the temporary importation of vessels, clearing and forwarding of project equipment, crew movement and immigration assistance for shore-based project staff and interfacing with the national ports authority.

We have a proven track record suppling onshore services to drilling operators and seismic firms that engage Afrishore for the supply and management of onshore logistics supply bases equipped with storage, trucking solutions, lifting solutions, office solutions, long-term accommodation solutions, bunkering solutions, waste management solutions, rigging teams, safety teams and security teams.

Afrishore is further equipped with a procurement department able to plug into client-specific procurement systems or protocols to provide cost-effective supply to clients of equipment and provisions that meet international oil & gas standards and expectations.

Contact Details:
Company Rep: Shirley Schmidt
Enquiries: Chris Maree
Job Title: Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 216851717
62 Montagu Street
Mossel Bay

Key Products/Services:
Owners Agency
Logistics Base Operator
Immigration Facilitator
Temporary Importation
Clearing & Forwarding
Lifting & Rigging
Waste Management

Key Industry Sectors:
Marine projects
Oil & Gas

Export Markets:
Sub-Saharan Africa

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