A.Hak Industrial Services

Nitrogen Services Including Testing, Pre-commissioning and In-Line Inspection Services to the onshore & offshore oil, gas & pipeline industries


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A.Hak Industrial Services has been operating in South Africa since 1995 and has built a reputation as a leader in specialised services to the Oil, Gas and Pipeline Industries in Southern Africa which include:

Nitrogen Testing & Purging Services for topside turnarounds and well completions including pipeline pigging for cleaning, displacement, drying & inerting.

High Volume Flushing / Flooding of topsides & subsea pipelines for pressure testing & pigging operations.

Pressure Testing (Hydrostatic / Pneumatic) Topsides & subsea pipelines.

Nitrogen/Helium Leak Testing during topside pre-commissioning & shutdowns on Platforms & FPSO's.

Punch Listing by experienced personnel to ensure/confirm mechanical completion.

Pipeline Pigging: for cleaning or product removal. Pre-commissioning and turnarounds.

Pre commissioning of pipelines including Flooding/testing/gauging/cleaning/drying and In-Line Inspection techniques.

Drying of process systems & pipelines using Nitrogen, Vacuum or Super Dry Air
Nitrogen Purging

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