Burgan Cape Terminals

Burgan Cape Terminals is a black-empowered independent storage and distribution facility in the Port of Cape Town. We currently offer storage capacity of up to 118,000 m3, at the Eastern Mole of the Port of Cape Town.


Tel: 27847702468

Website: http://burgancapeterminal.com/


Street Address: Eastern Mole


Burgan Cape Terminals is part of a larger group of companies that fall under the VTTI.B.V brand who owns an manages fuel storage facilities all over the world.
Our main purpose is to offer our clients a solution in fuel storage distribution. We pride ourselves in being a dynamic company that is able to react quickly and painlessly.

Recruitment Notice

We’re aware that individuals have been posing as SAOGA HR personnel to try to defraud job seekers.

Please note our information will always come from “info@saoga.org.za