BuoyCon Buoyancy Consultants are the leading provider of drilling riser buoyancy repair services to the Oil & Gas Industry in South Africa and are also the approved and authorised repairer for Matrix covering both Africa and the Canary Islands.

Buoycon has confidence in its skills, product and processes and is equipped to deploy their expert team to assist you in maintaining your essential floatation assets.


Contact Person: Shaun Louw

Tel: 27736053764

Website: http://www.buoycon.co.za


Street Address: 51 Sasmeer Road Retreat

Western Cape


BuoyCon Buoyancy Consultants, a privately owned South African company, was founded by Shaun Louw in 2016. Shaun has many years’ experience in the buoyancy repair industry and now, as Buoycon, delivers buoyancy repair & Maintenance solutions for major companies like National Oilwell Varco (NOV), a global drilling and production organisation that provides technical expertise, advanced equipment and operational support to the oil and drilling industries. Buoycon also delivers solutions to other companies as the industry-leading drilling riser buoyancy module (DRBM) inspection, maintenance and repair company.
BuoyCon’s Managing Director, is a specialist in the maintenance and repair of buoyancy systems and has worked with some of the world’s leading drilling contractors including Transocean, Saipem and Seadrill. When Shaun made the decision to set up BuoyCon Buoyancy Consultants, he set out to establish the leading dedicated buoyancy repair and consultancy company in the world.

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