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The Calulo Group
The Calulo Group is a unique group of companies incorporating multiple disciplines. In essence, we are a BBBEE investment partner focused primarily in the energy sector, but in practise the group has evolved to become so much more. We have developed a proactive and complimentary range of business services and entities which benefit our stakeholders, investee companies, strategic partners and the industry as a whole.

This has evolved us from a BBBEE investment company into an investment incubator, growing our investments through active participation, marketing and adding value wherever the opportunities arise. We promote active involvement and skills transference between all companies within our portfolio, driving entrepreneurial development and thinking, removing silos and looking for new opportunities throughout our sector.

Calulo is a learning institution and as our portfolio develops, so will our capabilities and services, driving our investments to exceptional performance through relationships, collaboration and stability.


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Established in 1999, Calulo Investments is a proudly
African investment house with meaningful and
complementary interests in a range of sound business
entities, focused primarily in the energy, petroleum, and
related service sectors.

“Calulo” a Xhosa word meaning “to discern” or “separate
the chaff”, has laid the foundation of our business
methodology. We endevour to apply good judgment
and a high set of values to every aspect of our business
dealings and decisions. Our aim is to develop a cultural
and economic evolution on a continent that requires
responsible and developmental business practices. The
“Calulo Way” is a principle that we apply to our business
relationships as well as our internal practices, finding
the balance between economic growth and social

Calulo Investments has adopted a hybrid investment
model which involves not only the investment in
companies where we add benefit through our Broad
Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Profile,
but also operates actively within the sectors we invest
in. We do this through the implementation of services
and companies which become complimentary to our
investments. This not only enhances our investments,
but gives us a working real-time knowledge of the
business environment, allowing us to participate in the
decision-making required to be responsible and value adding

Primarily we have enhanced our portfolio through
the inclusion of brokerage services, trading entities,
logistics, purchasing and service infrastructure,
renewable energy initiatives as well as unique
petrochemical technologies.
We look for “Join the Dots” opportunities in all our
relationships where each operation is able to add
value to the next. We promote entrepreneurial thinking
in all aspects throughout our investments as well as
promoting social responsibility to all involved.

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