A R Jones Engineering

ARJones Engineering is an engineering services company. We provide engineering solutions
and equipment to a diverse range of sectors, including the steel, oil & gas and maritime
industries and to municipalities in South Africa.
We specialise in the maintenance and repairs of heavy-duty industrial equipment across sectors
and source and supply premium OEM pumps and valves. We also advise companies on how to
optimise processes in order to achieve energy efficiencies.


Tel: 0825672213

Website: http://arjones-engineering.com


Street Address: Unit 2, 10 Roebel street


Country Club


Maintenance and repairs of heavy-duty industrial equipment.
Our technical knowledge and in-house experience ensures that we are well equipped to assist industry and municipalities in meeting the maintenance and repair requirements of their critical assets. We are skilled at sourcing and managing maintenance and repair teams and conduct this work on site. We also offer welding services for the oil & gas industry and have industry welding
procedures certification (ASME IX).

Source and supply premium OEM pumps and valves.
We have trusted relationships with premium suppliers of quality pumps and valves and are able
to advise on, source and supply the equipment needed by our customers for their effective operations. We are the appointed agents for the German manufacturer Wangen Pumpen, manufacturers of standard and customised progressing cavity and twinscrew pumps for the biogas, food & beverage, agriculture and wastewater treatment markets.

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