Allied Valve Specialists (Pty) Ltd

Firstly, we have the specialist expertise to size and offer the most cost-effective valve for its application. At the simplest level we ensure the product we recommend is fit-for-purpose, at the best price, meeting all the safety & regulatory requirements. If our product range does not meet the specifications, we guide our customers through partnerships to get the answers they need.

Secondly, we offer peace of mind that comes with safe, reliable products - we know how important safety is to our customers and the impact of the production process on the environment. We help our customers feel safe. This is driven by PRIDE.

Thirdly, a production plant or site has to be cost effective. Plant shutdowns or issues with the production process can cause devastating financial distress for our customers. What we offer is not only the solution, but we know our customers need our valves at any point in time. Our high stockholding gives our customer the confidence that we will always be there for them 24/7 - no downtime is our aim. This is a foundation of TRUST that sets us apart.

How do we do this?
We consult, specify and execute. Then it is our job to make sure we get our valves onsite in the quickest, safest and most cost-effective manner at a time that meets production requirements. We offer specialist advise that not only confirms the product BUT a 100% commitment to execute when it comes to service & delivery.

We are a specialist business with a purpose rooted in care, pride & trust. We are professionals, team members & leaders but more than anything, we’re human. We tailor our products, services and skills to serve our customers.

We specialise in being specialists. We don’t take this statement lightly. It’s an internal mantra that everyone in our organisation can rally around. We are always looking for ways to actively live up to this mantra & view every facet of our business through a specialist lens. We believe in bold simplicity. We don’t compromise, for ourselves or our customers. We represent what we believe & we believe in what we represent - we stand by our philosophy:

“You don’t need to be a specialist,
you just need to partner with one”

AVS Business Model

“We are specialists in simplicity”

We have 3 business divisions:
1. Sales
2. Operations
3. Finance

Our team consists of internal and external sales consultants. We collaborate to execute on our customer requirements and have set out a sales process to make it fast, efficient and accurate.

We service 4 main customer categories:
a. End user customers
b. Boiler manufacturers
c. Contractors and Project Houses
d. Resellers

We have recently launched our new digital platform, so that customers have access to us 24/7, 365 days a year. This is a new exciting development for AVS and takes advantage of the 4th industrialisation – giving customers access to knowledge, products and service at the touch of a button. Specialist digital integration makes the supply chain shorter, leaning on training and empowering our suppliers and customer base through shared expertise.

This is the era of knowledge sharing – this is how we partner with our customers. We know that from customer survey feedback, access to information and training is a vital component of partnering with our customers.

We bring TRAINING to YOU, whether onsite or through our website – your experienced teams have access directly to our suppliers – the engineers who have designed, developed and manufactured our valves.

Our team consists of internal logistics, inventory and warehouse management, despatch and after sales delivery. We collaborate with our suppliers to ensure sufficient stock holding and smooth execution of the sales orders.

We have warehouses in Gauteng and Cape Town and a dedicated supplier value chain, both at the very top in terms of engaging our suppliers as partners and the execution of all our imports in the most cost efficient and quickest timeframes.

Our team is here to serve the customer. With the Finance team now being led by a professional chartered accountant, we have implemented policies and protocols to ensure we conform to all legislations as required by the Companies ACT and all other South African regulations.

We know how important cashflow is to the survival of any company. We partner with you to help grow your business. We understand that any downtime or faulty valves will have a drastic effect to your bottom line.

“Walking the Talk”
Care, Pride & Trust are our motivators and the foundation for AVS core set of values:
1. Engage our customers with respect
2. Inform & empower our customers in an honest manner
3. Educate & resolve our customer needs
4. Supply quality, specialist and accurate fit-for-purpose industrial valves
5. Service our customers at all times

On a human level, we are passionate, professional, bold and a little geeky. We are diverse. It brings out innovation and new ideas. Our team is 50% female and 50% male, we represent each colour of the South African rainbow and we a proud South African company.
So why Allied Valve Specialists?
Our company's legal entity name is "Allied Valve Specialists (Pty) Ltd"

AVS is a proudly South African company which was launched and branded in August 2021. It is a holding company for the two industrial valve companies Steam and Valve Specialists (Pty) Ltd & Entrade Valve & Engineering Supplies (Pty) Ltd. Both are legal entities within which we engage our customers. But we needed to do more. We operationally combined the two companies in the backend, so that we could bring change and benefits for our customers in the new umbrella structure.

This means you get access to all products across the group from our newly operated joint warehouses, opening the doors to more choice and better pricing.

Some key company facts:
• SVS has been in the industrial valve industry for 35+ years
• Entrade has been in the industrial valve industry for 25+ years
• AVS now owns 100% of both Entrade and SVS
• AVS was set up in July 2021

Why does AVS benefit our customers?
• It is a 51% black female owned company thus making SVS and Entrade a Level 2 Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) BEE contributor
• The full team now consists of 15 staff who can service both Entrade and SVS
• Our Group has more buying power thus reducing overall costs and increasing stockholding
• Customers now have access to all ranges of AVS products
Core supplier engagements have led to stronger partners for our customers in our ability to service with speed, knowledge and access to safe quality industrial valves

This is not window-dressing.
This is not a reinvention.
It’s a glow up.

What do I need to do as a customer?
• Nothing – we will supply you with all our new BEE affidavits, company profiles and access to our new digital platform
• Look out for our new brand and access to our new group of external sales consultants – ready to service you onsite
• Engage us – help us find out what you need

What new things do I need to look out for?
• New exciting products
• Access to training
• New logos, brands, letterheads
• A passionate team willing to go the extra mile
• New campaigns and offerings

What does the new brand and letterhead look like?

Gasses and liquids are substances that are identified by the motion and physical parameters they are defined by. In this direction we sought to draw inspiration from the movement and transportation of these elements. By designing a visual
language that presents a feeling of movement and flow, we use patterns and repetition to achieve these visual cues and play heavily with positive and negative space to grasp the concept of visualising the presence of something unseen.

We have combined iconic simplicity with the idea of visualising movement and the unseen. The movement of the gasses and liquids transported by the products AVS supply is represented here as well. This positive movement suggest forward thinking and growth as a company.

The three repeated shapes here represent CARE • PRIDE • TRUST

Our new logo and brand colours are a balance of who we were & who we strive to be embracing the past with a future-facing freshness and our new letterhead represents our connection to SVS and Entrade through AVS.

Contact Details:
Enquiries: Emma Drummond
Job Title: Marketing Manager
95 Turffontein Road

Key Products/Services:
Our Products

Our set of products and ranges are all manufactured across 8 countries and our strength lies in our deep relationships with our suppliers. Factories, engineers, sales forces that span across 8 countries. The foundation of what we offer also comes from the strong relationship with our suppliers, whether it be their factories, engineers, sales forces or global experts.

Without this, we could not be specialists. Because if we don't have the answer here in South Africa in our team, then we reach out to our global suppliers (our partners) who do have answer. Sometimes it is the actual product engineer himself who designed the valve, sometimes it is the leadership team in our supplier list who have over decades of experience. We are not afraid to ask so we get the answers we need for our customers.

Through digital integration, we make the supply chain shorter - more expertise, more often and anywhere in the world. We can train our customer base through our suppliers directly or indirectly. This is a powerful way to engage with our customers and the future of how the valve industry can reach out to others, as experienced now in the 4th industrialisation.

Our range of products and services are listed below for your reference and can be viewed in more detail at or or

• Hazardous Chemical Valves
• Safety Valves
• Globe Valves
• Steam Traps
• Strainers and Sight Glasses
• Gate valves
• Check valves
• Pressure Reducing Valves
• Control Valves
• Parallel Slide Valves
• Butterfly Valves
• Actuators
• Ball Valves
• Level Gauges
• Tanker Safety Valves
• Instrumentation

Product Range
We proudly represent the following brands

• ARI Armaturen
• Hunt & Mitton
• AOX Actuators
• Varimex Zetkama
• Miyawaki
• Mega
• Mipel
• Deca
• Atam
• Ermeto

The Ari-Armaturen range is an exceptional range which offers high quality “one-stop-shop”. ARI has a tradition of more than sixty years as a partner for control, isolation, safety and steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media. They manufacture high-quality, heavy-duty valves in line with the latest standards at three different locations - all of them in Germany. Established in 1950, the privately owned ARI Group employs a staff of more than 1000 and is today a successful player on the international stage and services over 50 countries. AVS is proud to represent them here in South Africa.

Our partnership with ARI is solid. With constant engagement where we have access to their sales, technical and global operations. If we can’t solve the problem – they partner with us to satisfy the customer. There is a tremendous focus on technical training. Our team attend regular live online training with the product specialists – something we can offer to our customers at any time. With Covid, the focus has moved to online training and thus are able to share this knowledge at the customer front.

Our focus products are globe valves, control valves, isolation valves, safety valves, steam traps, butterfly valves, actuators and even bespoke products geared towards customer needs.

ARI-Armaturen operates an environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001 as well as an energy management system according to DIN ISO 50001.
Economic activity and production inevitably have an impact on the environment. ARI-Armaturen endeavours to deliver safe & reasonably priced, environmentally compatible and energy efficient solutions for all its products - from manufacture to disposal. The aim is to steadily decrease consumption of resources, act sustainably in

Hunt & Mitton are hazardous chemical valves, that are Euro Chlor approved.

Protecting people and the environment has been a fundamental principle of the equipment standards developed by Euro Chlor. From the many reports written on the subject of emissions prevention from industrial valves, it is now accepted that Bellows Seal designs afford the best possible prevention of leakage to the atmosphere and the protection of plant operators.

H&M’s Bellows Seal valves have proven to be the very best in this category and manufactured to the most stringent manufacturing processes to ensure casting integrity and leak tightness. When you are processing dangerous chemicals and if you want to ensure the best possible safety for your plant operators and no leakage to the atmosphere, you will not find a better manufactured valve than those made by Hunt & Mitton. Bellows seal valves are acknowledged as the primary valve design against the battle of stopping leakage to the environment.

Hunt & Mitton hazardous chemical valves started in the 1950s with ICI. They improved their designs with modern materials, a deep understanding of chemical and material compatibility and control valve expertise. They now have a strong and experienced European management team who have assembled a highly skilled manufacturing team in China.

Their design, supply chain and manufacturing processes have been independently assessed by European third-party inspection agencies resulting in Euro Chlor approval for their bellows seal globe valves. They have surpassed the highest level of requirements in casting integrity and product sales are growing to blue ribbon chemical producers in Europe, Americas and Asia. They have chosen AVS to represent them in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Once again, this can only be achieved through constant engagement, training and access to the core of H&M in which we now have developed a strong partnership.

Leakage of dangerous chemicals has the potential to cause great harm to plant operators and the environment. By using this type of valve on your equipment, it will significantly improve your operator safety and emissions control. That’s a small price to pay for such a global reward.

Does your existing supplier rely on statistical chance for their casting integrity? Typically, 90% of their castings are not checked for shrinkage defects. Hunt & Mitton gives you a 100% guarantee on their casting integrity. 100% of the volume of every casting is radiographed so that we can be certain every casting meets the Euro Chlor specified ASTM E446 Level 2 acceptance criteria.
H&M do not take chances in hazardous chemical applications
Their range are bellow seal control valves, manual bellow seal valve, actuated on/off valves, all specified and delivered with a lifetime guarantee on the bellows of the valves.

The other main features of H&M compared to existing products, is not only their operational efficiency that offers competitive pricing, but the delivery is almost half that of it’s nearest competitor.

There are other brands that we also represent such as Mipel, Mega, Atam, Varimex Zetkama, AOX actuators, Miyawaki & Ermeto and a range of gate valves, parallel slide valves, ball valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves, strainers and sight glasses & level gauges.

Key Industry Sectors:
Power Generation
Food and Beverage
Oil and Gas

Export Markets:
None at this stage except for Zimbabwe and Nigeria

Recruitment Notice

We’re aware that individuals have been posing as SAOGA HR personnel to try to defraud job seekers.

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