Industry Projects

2012-09 Cape Town, Sturrock Dry Dock

Main Project Scope: Crane Pedestal and steel fabrications.

Noble Drilling
Noble Drilling - Noble Clyde Boudreaux
2012-08 Cape Town, Repair Quay

Main Project Scope: Clean off marine life and repair damage caused by anchor, including installation of 209 off tank anodes and 80 off hull anodes, HP washing, painting of pontoons, braces, columns, fairleaders and anchor racks.

KCA Deutag - Ben Rinnes
2012-07 2012-07 Saldanha Bay

Main Project Scope: SPS, repair, maintenance and modifications.

2012 Saipem Scarabeo
Saipem - Scarabeo 3
2012-06 2012-09 Cape Town, A-Berth

Replacement of 120 tons of deck  & shell plating, Renewal of sea safety walkways on all 3 columns, Installation of four new lifeboats and davits. Over 2 km of pipework. Fabrication & installation of a new laundry unit/ change room.

Ben Avon
KCA Deutag - Ben Avon
2012-05 Saldanha Bay

Main Project Scope: full Classification SPS, 100% blasting & coating internally & externally, over 2000m piping, 250t steelwork, electric motors, mechanical overhaul of equipment.

2012 Subsea 7 - Polaris
Subsea 7 - Polaris
2012-05 2012-08 Cape Town, Sturrock Dry Dock

Main Project Scope: SPS Dry-docking, repair, maintenance and modifications.

Odebrecht - Delba III
2011-12 2012-01 Saldanha Bay

Mooring of rig and general shipyard assistance.

Odfjell Drilling - Deepsea Metro II
Odfjell Drilling - Deepsea Metro II
2012-01 Cape Town, A-Berth

Main Project Scope: Steel work, mechanical, piping, blasting and coating, hydraulics and electrical work. 

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